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Power Sweeping news for Abilene, San Angelo, Wichita Falls, Fort Worth, Dallas, Waco and San Antonio areas in the great state of Texas.


More Clean of Texas Sweeping Truck on site

Parking Lots & Sweeping

Clean and well-maintained parking lots are more likely to draw in more customers. Lack of organization in parking lots increases liability risks and visitor resentment.

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Unsightly litter and debris piled up in a drainage ditch

Runoff Water

Pollutants in Runoff Water Have you ever considered which pollutants and contaminants are on our roadways and what happens to those pollutants when it rains?

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Sweeper trucks garaged at More Clean headquarters

Street Sweepers

The Importance of Street Sweepers No one wants to see broken glass and other debris littering their path when walking or driving down the street.

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More Clean of Texas employee providing Day Porter Services carrying trash he's just emptied to his company truck

Porter Services

What is Porter Service? Professional porters provide owners and commercial property managers help with keeping their parking lots or garages clean and tidy. As a

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Line striping machine painting fresh white lines while completing Line Striping Service

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping—more than just lines Most people don’t think twice about the lines in a parking lot. They’re just there, guiding us to where

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Airliner taking off from runway at an airport at sundown

Airport Runway Sweeping

Keeping Passengers and Employees Safe Maintaining a clean and clear runway and the surrounding airfield is critical to the safe operation of any airport. Foreign

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Municipal airport with small planes visible.

Airport Runway Cleaning Trucks

Whether it’s a private or international airport, it’s crucial to maintain the runways, ramps, aprons, and taxiways to keep them free of rubber deposits and

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Two construction workers in hard hats and safety vests inspecting a high rise condominium construction site

The Basics of Construction Cleanup

Most people think cleaning up after construction is part of the contractor’s job. But, in reality, it’s usually the owner’s responsibility to clean the site.

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